self-care challenge

Self-Care Challenge

It can be difficult to complete a full to-do list. Between work, friends, family and everything in between, my to-do list can grow very long. One thing that is the easiest to fall off my list is: taking care of myself. That’s why a self-care challenge is so important, to make sure we remember to take care of ourselves, too.

Working full-time while being a wife definitely has its challenges, and most women believe they are failing at these—at least the women I see in the office. Most women over 30 are exhausted physically, mentally or spiritually. Most can’t tell me what they do for fun. They usually look at me sheepishly when I ask. Most aren’t really connected to other women their age anymore. Most of those female relationships have been neglected due to work, children and life commitments.

Women with adult daughters often say their daughters are their best friends and confidants, and while on one hand that is great, on the other hand, it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough for our daughters to become our best friends. There are some things we can’t, shouldn’t and don’t share with them. Things about our spouse, our sex life or our worries. And, women who don’t have daughters don’t even have that as an option.

We need women – we need each other – we need our tribe again. So, how can we find ourselves and our friends in the midst of our busy lives? We have to schedule time. Like everything else, no one would ever get their hair done (I certainly wouldn’t) or their teeth cleaned if they didn’t schedule it. So, we need to schedule the other important things, like friends and self. It’s the first step toward reclaiming ourselves and becoming our best self.

Self-Care Challenge

So, my self-care challenge this month to myself and to you, is simply this: find ONE day this month and schedule some girlfriend time and find ONE day this month to schedule some personal time. You don’t have to take the entire day, but at least one hour for each of these two things will help you begin to connect to yourself and to other women.

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